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Employees Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

If you find yourself yawning at your desk each day from lack of sleep, you may feel better to know you are definitely not alone. A new Glassdoor survey finds that 74% of full and part-time employees get less than the recommended eight hours of sleep a night, with the average worker getting just 6.9 hours of sleep. That number is below the National Sleep Foundation’s recommendation of seven to nine hours, which they say folks need to function at their best.

Overall, women get less sleep then men (6.8 hours vs. 7.1 hours), while those ages 18 to 24 get about 7.4 hours, and those 45 to 64 get about 6.5 hours. Meanwhile, married folks seem to be getting more sleep then their single counterparts (7.1 hours vs. 6.7 hours).

And not getting enough sleep is definitely affecting employee performance. The poll finds that 66% of all employees say they’d be better at their job if they got more sleep, and that number goes up to 73% for those 18 to 44.

  • But that lack of sleep isn’t necessarily the employer’s fault. The truth is 74% of workers say their managers encourage them to take time off to care for their health and wellness, while 87% of bosses support an employee balancing their work and personal commitments. 

Source: Glassdoor

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