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Women Still Handling Most Of The Household Chores

While gender equality is a big issue in the work place, many of us would like to believe things are a bit more equal (even old school) in the home. According to a new report, when it comes to household chores, women are still handling most of the dirty work.

A new study by Ohio State University finds that when both parents are off from work, the woman in the household still handles most domestic chores and childcare. It’s not that men do nothing, but they tend to spend twice as long relaxing while their S.O is handling things around the house.

The study looked at couples three months after the birth of a child and found that on average, on days both partners weren’t working, women get about 46 to 49 minutes to relax and do nothing while their man handles chores, while men got about 100 minutes of downtime. When women were actually pregnant men did do a bit more, with the study finding that men spent only 47 minutes relaxing while their partner was pregnant, but that went up to 101 minutes three months after welcoming the child. 

Source: The Daily Mail

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