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Most People Have A Job, Not A Career

While we’d all wish we could say we have a career that we love, the truth is many of us don’t fall into that category. In fact, according to a new CareerBuilder survey, 55% of workers say they only have a job, not a career, and not many of those folks even like what they are doing.

Overall, 28% of people say they tolerate or hate their job, with needing to pay the bills the biggest reason folks stay at a job they don’t like (74%). Other reasons include

  • Proximity to home (41%)
  • Need insurance (35%)
  • It pays well (30%)
  • The job market is tough (27%)

And with the job market still pretty hard, some folks go to unusual lengths to get a hiring manager’s attention, and they probably shouldn’t. About 26% of employers say such antics will make them less likely to interview a candidate. And some of those attempts to get an HR manager’s attention are pretty strange. Among the oddest:

  • Candidate gave the hiring manager a baseball that read: "This is my best pitch of why you should hire me."
  • Candidate sent the hiring manager daisies with a note that said "Pick me, pick me."
  • Candidate brought their mother to the interview as an in-person character reference.
  • Candidate developed a whole website dedicated to the hiring manager, asking to be hired.
  • Candidate hugged the hiring manager when introduced instead of shaking hands.
  • Candidate got up from interview and started waiting on customers because the business got busy.
  • Hiring manager had a candidate volunteer to work at the business for a month before submitting an application to show that she was able to do the job.
  • Candidate presented a thick scrapbook of certificates, awards and letters.
  • Candidate sent a Christmas card every year for three years.
  • Candidate sent a cake with their resume printed on it.

Source: The Street

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