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Companies With The Best And Worst Customer Service

Is there anything more annoying that trying to call a company with a question or complaint and getting someone totally incompetent on the other end, if you can get a real live person at all? Well, there are certainly some companies that handle customer service way better than others and thanks to new research by 24/7 Wall St. and Zogby Analytics we now know the best and worst out there.

The poll surveyed 1,500 adults regarding customer service at 151 of America's best-known companies to come up with their annual Customer Service Hall of Fame list for those that get high marks, and the Hall of Shame list for those who fail miserably.

On the positive side, 13 companies received “excellent” marks for customer service and for an eighth year in a row, Amazon tops the Hall of Fame list, followed by Apple and Costco.

Customer Service Hall of Fame


  1. Amazon
  2. Apple
  3. Costco
  4. Netflix
  5. YouTube
  6. FedEx
  7. UPS
  8. American Express
  9. Chick-fil-A
  10. Marriott
  11. Google
  12. Publix
  13. Hilton


On the flipside, 12 companies earned “poor” marks for customer service. Not surprising, a lot of the companies on the Hall of Shame list are cable service providers, with Comcast getting the absolute worst marks again this year, followed by Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Sprint.

Customer Service Hall of Shame

  1. Comcast
  2. Bank of America
  3. Wells Fargo
  4. Sprint
  5. AT&T
  7. DISH Network
  8. Cox Communications
  9. Spirit Airlines
  10. United Airlines
  11. Verizon Fios
  12. T-Mobile

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

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