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Vacation Or Pay Raise – Which Would You Choose?

While we’re always hearing about U.S. employees not using up all of their paid vacation each year, it seems a lot of folks really do want more time off. In fact, a new survey finds that if given the choice, 41% of people would actually rather have more paid vacation time than a pay raise.

Overall, 70% of workers believe paid vacation is a right of employment, as opposed to a benefit, while only 58% consider it a benefit. And apparently a lot of folks are unimpressed by their company’s offering, with 39% saying their company’s paid vacation plan is worse than the plans of other companies in their industry.

Of course, even if you do have time off, that doesn’t mean a company makes it easy for you to get away. The study finds that 30% of employees feel guilty about using their vacation time, with 42% hesitant to take their time off because they are worried about how it would affect their team’s workflow. What’s more, 28% of employees say their company expects them to work during their time off, with 22% of workers agreeing they need to be working while on vacation.

Source: The Business Journal

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