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Can’t Sleep? Try This Bedtime Story App For Adults

Plenty of people have a tough time falling asleep at night and part of the problem is that we’re trying to drift off while holding our phones. But instead of that harsh blue light from electronics that disrupts our rest, now there’s a way for grown ups to unwind like we did when we were kids - with a bedtime story.

Calm is an app that features bedtime stories written just for adults. The tales are meant to help us transition from our hectic daily lives to the relaxing night. Instead of stimulating our brains, like TV and scrolling through social media do, Calm is here to “power down your mind.”

The stories are like mini audio books, with soothing voices to lull you to dreamland. And you can choose from fiction and nonfiction tales, narrated by different readers. So if British actor Stephen Fry doesn’t do it for you, maybe NPR’s Laura Sydell is more soothing to you.

Most stories are about 20 minutes long, so you have time to relax before falling asleep. But once we’re lying down and quiet, it’ll probably only take about five minutes before we’re out.

Source: PureWow

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