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Job Flexibility Is Important To Most Workers

It’s no secret that the days of punching a clock and sitting behind a desk for eight straight hours are gone, with more and more offices offering flexibility when it comes to jobs. And according to a new survey, employees are all for it.

A new global survey finds that 40% of employees say schedule flexibility is among the top three factors for them when deciding on a career. The most sought after type of flexibility workers seek is being able to have flexible arrival and departure times (26%), followed by the ability to work from home or any other place (22%). Other flexible options wanted include:

  • Choice in shifts (15%)
  • Part-time work from home (12%)
  • Compressed shifts/work week (9%)
  • Sabbaticals or career breaks (6%)
  • Caregiving leaves (5%)
  • Paid time off (5%)

But it turns out, employees in certain parts of the world want different types of flexibility when it comes to their job. For example, the U.S. has the greatest demand for unlimited time off, while in India more folks want location independence, and in China they are three times more likely to want sabbaticals or career breaks. Who wouldn't?

Source: The Business Journal

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