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Money Stressing Parents : Back-To-School Shopping

While the last thing most parents want to think about is back-to-school shopping, it turns out a lot of them probably are already stressing out about it, and will be heading to stores in a matter of weeks to get their kids ready for a new school year. 

According to a new RetailMeNot report, August 5th will be the busiest back-to-school shopping day this year, followed by Labor Day, September 4th. Other busy back-to-school shopping days include August 4th, August 12th and August 13th.

Overall, 63% of parents say they’re likely to spend $100 per person on school this year, while 33% will spend more than $250. And all this money is certainly concerning for parents, with 75% saying that money is their biggest stressor during back-to-school shopping season.

In fact, it seems money, or saving it that is, is a huge motivator when it comes to back-to-school shopping. The survey finds that 82% of parents look for deals during this time of year, while 36% say they look for savings during back-to-school shopping than any other shopping time of the year, while another 49% say price is the biggest thing that determines what they buy.

Source: The Street 

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