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Who Are The Best Tippers?

Ask anyone who works as a waiter, waitress or bartender and they’ll tell you how vital tips are to their income, yet time and time again people can be super cheap when adding a gratuity for a job well done. But there are certainly some people out there who are more generous when it comes to showing gratitude, and a new report reveals just who those people are. 

According to, the best tippers are men, Republicans, northeasterners and credit/debit card users, all of whom tip a median of 20% at restaurants. As for other demographics, women tip about 16%, while Democrats, southerners and cash users only top about 15%.

In general, about 50% of those who tip at restaurants tip between 16% and 20%, with 11% to 15% the second most popular range. And believe it or not, 20% of people of restaurant goers say they occasionally leave no tip at all.

Among the other tip findings:

  • 27% of hotel customers always tip housekeeping, while 31% never do
  • 30% of coffee shop visitors never tip their barista, while 29% do
  • 67% of people always tip their hair stylist or barber
  • Women are more likely to tip hotel housekeepers than men (47% vs. 33%)
  • Women are also more likely to tip baristas (46% vs. 41%)
  • Women are also more likely to tip their hair stylists, than men will tip barbers (79% vs. 74%)


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