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Mistakes You’re Making In Your Dating Profile

Finding love these days isn’t easy, which is why a lot of folks embrace online dating as a way of trying to find their soulmate. Anyone who’s tried it knows that’s not easy either, and it seems there are some simple mistakes folks are making that could be sabotaging their chances at finding love online. 

According to relationship expert Bela Gandhi one of the biggest mistakes people make is being too negative in their profile, which can turn off potential mates. She notes that using phrases like “Please do not contact me if you’re a gold digger,” or “Don’t bother if you’re just looking for a one night stand,” makes you sound defensive, and doesn’t explain what you really want from a relationship. 

“It makes it sound like you’ve made bad decisions,” Gandhi says. “Most normal, balanced people are turned off by negativity. The only ones you’re going to get back are people that aren’t turned off.” Ghandi says people who include such negativity in their profile are probably going through some sort of pain, and “are trying to protect themselves.” She notes, “It’s very human, but it doesn’t work in this medium.”

At the end of the day, she says if you want to attract someone, you need to project a positive attitude. She shares, “People are drawn to positive, healthy, confident people.”

Source: Today 

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