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Summer Wedding Faux Pas That Upset Guests

Summer is prime wedding season, but there are certain things the happy couple needs to keep in mind when having their nuptials when it’s incredibly hot outside. These are some summer wedding mistakes that always annoy guests.

A black tie dress code - We all love getting really dressed up once in awhile, but when it’s 90-degrees outside, a formal dress code isn’t fun for anyone. For a summer wedding, it’s better to go a little more casual, or at least make it black tie optional.

…or a daytime ceremony - If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, please don’t make guests sit in the sun, baking at noon. No one wants to be covered in sweat before the reception even starts.

Ignoring the mosquitoes - If your warm weather wedding is anywhere near a lake or other still water, those biting bugs will come out when the sun goes down. So kind and considerate brides and grooms use citronella candles and leave bottles of bug spray for guests to use.

Forgetting to put out water - If the wedding is outside or in a non-air conditioned room, people need a cool, refreshing drink so they don’t overheat. Offering bottled water, or even a self-serve station really helps.

Serving food that’s way too light - We’re all for watermelon shooters and heirloom tomato skewers, but hungry guests who are probably also drinking need heavier food too. And bread is always a good place to start.

Source: PureWow

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