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Children Of Single Mothers Are Doing Just Fine

Single moms may sometimes feel guilty that their child doesn’t have another parent to go to, but according to a new study, those single moms need to relax because their child will likely turn out just fine. 

The study released by the Centre of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria of the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam finds that children of single mothers-by-choice showed no significant differences when it comes to well-being and behavior or parental stress than those raised in a two-parent household.

One of the reasons those children do just as well is that single mothers are rarely really raising those kids alone. The study finds that those single-mothers-by-choice often have a huge social network to help them, made up of family, friends, neighbors and more.

  • The study seems to refute previous research that suggested kids who grow up without a father have it worse than those in a two-parent household. The authors of the current study note that research was usually based around children of divorce who “have experienced parental conflict,” so the issue was not the absence of the dad, but the “troubled parent-child relationship.”

Source: New York Daily News

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