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Workouts To Do When You’re Hung Over

While we’d all like to be those people who head to the gym for a workout every day, we all know there’s plenty of things that can keep us from our daily exercise routine, and partying a bit too hard the night before is definitely one of them. Trying to get your exercise on with a hangover is never easy, but some experts say it’s actually going to help you in the end. In fact, getting a good sweat on can help you out immensely. 

“I’m a big believer in taking a class like Barry’s (Boot Camp) because of how much you sweat and get rid of the toxins from the night before,” Alicia Stevenin, an instructor at Barry’s, says, adding that during her Sunday morning classes, “sometimes you can literally smell the booze pouring out of people’s pores.”

But others don’t agree with such a hard workout after a night of drinking. Medical researcher Ivan Galanin advises folks not to over exert themselves, offering, “do something light but don’t over do it.” What’s more, trainer Shaun Jenkins suggests skipping weights altogether, and opting instead to get your heart rate up by running outdoors. “Go outside for a light jog and get some fresh air,” he shares. “Get that Vitamin D and oxygen in you to replenish those white blood cells that will be vital to your recovery.”

Source: New York Post

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