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Taking Vacation Leads To Better Office Performance

We’re always hearing about people who don’t take all their vacation days each year and some folks say it's because their office doesn’t seem to encourage them taking time off. But it turns out those bosses probably should, because a new study reveals that those who take enough vacation tend to be more productive in the office.

The new report, "HR Mythbusters 2017," finds that employees who are considered high performers take an average of 19 vacations days each year, whole low performers take, on average, only 14 days. Employers should really take notice of these facts, because it does suggest that time off plays a big role in job performance.

And while the idea of an office that gives employees the perk of unlimited vacations may sound great to some people, it turns out not too many are taking full advantage of the offer. The report finds that employees with unlimited vacation take about 13 days off a year, while those with more traditional vacation polices take 15.

Source: Yahoo Finance 

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