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Reason Why People Aren’t Taking Summer Vacation

Now that school is out for most kids, a lot of families will be headed out for a summer vacation in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of people that just won’t be getting away this year, and there’s one huge reason they are staying home.

A poll by the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that 43% of Americans won’t be taking a summer vacation, and for most people the reason they’re skipping it is money. Overall, 49% of those not taking a vacation this summer say cost is the reason they aren’t going on one, while 11% say it’s because they can’t take off from work, and another 3% say it’s because they don’t like to be away from work.

And it’s not just that folks don’t have enough money in the bank to take vacation. Sadly, 41% of those surveyed say they don’t get paid time off from their employers so they can't afford to not work, and that’s especially true for younger and lower-income employees.

Of course, for some, it’s just that they’re not taking a vacation in summer, not that they’re not taking a vacation. The survey finds that 15% of folks aren’t going away in summer because they either already went away, or they are planning a trip for another time in the year. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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