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Workers Don’t Feel Confident Asking For A Raise

There comes a time when most employees feel they deserve a little more dough in their paycheck, but asking for a raise isn’t easy and it certainly can be stressful for employees.

A new Robert Half poll finds that only 49% of workers say they feel confident when asking for a pay increase. In fact, it’s so bad that 36% of people said they’d rather clean their house than ask their boss for more money, while 14% would rather just look for a new job, 5% would prefer a root canal, and 4% would actually rather be audited by the IRS. 

Overall, 90% of those polled think they deserve a raise, with 44% of employees saying they plan to ask for one this year, with the most common reason given is that their salary hasn’t grown with their job duties. And bosses may want to consider their requests, because 23% of employees say they will look for a new job if their raise request was declined.

Source: Robert Half 

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