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Majority Of Workers Have Toxic Bosses

There’s no doubt whether you love your job can sometimes hinge on how you feel about your boss, and according to a new survey, a lot of folks aren’t happy with the situation they are currently in.

A poll conducted by consulting firm Life Meets Work finds that 56% of employees say they have toxic workplace leaders. In some cases those leaders have publicly belittled subordinates, have been subject to explosive outburst, and have even taken credit for other employees’ success.

Although 68% of workers with toxic leaders say they are more engaged at work, as compared to 35% of those with nontoxic leaders, such bad bosses won’t help a company in the long run. Not surprisingly, more workers with toxic leaders say they want to leave their company (73% vs. 27%), while 70% report having a work/life conflict, as compared to only 27% of those with non-toxic leaders.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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