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Today is National Flag Day

June 14th is National Flag Day! On this day in 1777 the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution, which designated the first official American Flag. The first American Flag had thirteen stars and thirteen stripes, one for each of the original colonies. Many know this flag as the Betsy Ross Flag, but it is uncertain whether or not Betsy Ross really created the design.

Over the years, America has had twenty-seven different flags. The one we use today became our emblem in 1960.

The first known Flag Day was in 1885, held by schoolteacher Bernard J. Cigrand. President Woodrow Wilson eventually made it an official holiday a few decades later in 1916.

To celebrate Flag Day, wear your red white and blue and decorate your house with the American Flag. And, while you’re feeling patriotic, get started on sending invites for your 4th of July party!

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