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Meal-Prep Mistakes That Are Bad For Weight Loss

Prepping your meals for the week is a great way to help you eat healthy and it’s great when you’re trying to lose weight. But registered dietitian Jaime Mass warns, “Simply because something is prepped in advance doesn’t mean it’s a healthier choice.” Here are some of the most common meal prep mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Mindlessly munching while you prep - Having a little taste is one thing, but if you’re not careful, you can sample a whole meal’s worth, while you prep. And just like they tell you not to grocery shop while you’re hungry, you shouldn’t prep when you’re hungry either.

Skipping veggies - Each prepped meal should be half fruits or veggies, according to registered dietitian Meghan Daw. And when prepping salads, keeping the lettuce separate from dressing and liquid-y ingredients can keep it from getting slimy and mushy.

Getting portion sizes wrong - And this mistake can go both ways: either it’s too small and doesn’t fill you up, so you end up snacking on less healthy food later, or you’ve prepped enough for a whole family and you eat too much.

Not prepping snacks - If you’re only prepping lunch for a full day at the office, you’re much more likely to be tempted by the cookies in the breakroom when you hit the afternoon slump. But having snacks like string cheese and nuts will keep you on track.

Prepping the same foods every week - You’re more likely to get bored and give up on meal-prep if you make chicken, broccoli, and brown rice every week. So change up your recipes and ingredients to keep it exciting and enticing.

Source: Women's Health

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