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The Calories You Burn Just Being A Mom

As busy moms, we don’t always squeeze time into our packed schedules for our regular sweat sessions. But you’re still getting some exercise in because being a mom is pretty physical. Here’s how your mom moves are making you more fit, according to Dr. Cate Shanahan, family physician and director of the Los Angeles Lakers PRO Nutrition Program.

Shopping at a big-box store - Turns out that trip to Costco can be a good workout. Pushing a shopping cart down those huge aisles can burn five to 10 calories a minute. And the more you buy, the heavier the cart, which means you burn more. Bonus!

Pushing a stroller - When you and the kids head out for fresh air, pushing that stroller can also burn between five and 10 calories a minute and more if you head uphill or haul more weight.

Going to the pool or beach - If you’re swimming laps, you can blast up to 20 calories a minute, depending on intensity. But Dr. Shanahan explains that “just playing around in a weightless environment can improve your flexibility.” So get in that water, mama.

Picking up a toddler - Holding your tired two-year-old is good for upper-body strength and your spine’s bone density. Dr. Shanahan explains that women lose bone density in their spine after age 40 much faster than in their hips, possibly because we stop picking kids up then. Just make sure you bend at your hips and using good form.

Taking a hot bath - This has to be the most relaxing form of fitness of all. According to a study from Loughborough University in England, soaking in 104-degree water for an hour melts 140 calories.

Source: Working Mother

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