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Dads Taking Makeup Classes For Their Daughters

We’re betting a lot of parents dread the day their daughters decide to wear makeup, and dads probably aren’t too happy that their little girl isn’t so little anymore. But apparently, there are some dads out there embracing their kids’ makeup habits, and are even learning how to do it themselves. 

Blushington Beauty Bar in New York City offers a 90-minute class that teaches dads how to apply age-appropriate makeup for their daughters, as well as skincare techniques. The class costs $50 and pairs a dad with a makeup artist for three lessons, lip preparation, skin care and makeup application, all done on their very own daughters, who enjoy virgin cocktails as they are getting their face put on.

  • The clientele is made up of single dads, divorcees and even those who are married, but have wives that may not be around due to travel, but Blushington also suggests the class may appeal to gay fathers and widowers as well.
  • “Every dad should know this stuff before a big event because [the girls] come out looking like they shouldn’t look,” Seth Rosensweig, who recently took a class, says. “You have to be involved. You don’t want to be a spectator — you don’t want to sit on the sidelines.” Another dad decided to sign up after visiting Sephora with his daughter. “Sephora is absolutely confusing,” divorced dad Steve Hirsch explains. “This class is like a consultancy."

Source: New York Post

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