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Craziest Rules And Punishments For Children

There are always going to be parents who expect children to abide by certain rules, but some are certainly more strict than others, and in some cases those strict parents can take things to an extreme.

Well, a new Reddit thread asked folks, “What was the craziest rule or punishment you had to deal with?” and some of the answers were downright scary. In fact, one kid admitted his parents grounded him for two years for something most parents would praise their kids for.

Among the confessions:

  • “My parents once grounded me for 2 years for getting a B on my report card. Took everything out of my room besides the bed, and I wasn't allowed to do anything with friends.”
  • “My dad wouldn't let me use straws because he said it could cut through my tongue or cheek like a hole punch.”
  • "My brother and I were grounded from watching TV for a year because a friend had 'left our shed messy.'"
  • One user was banned from using public toilets out of fear of “STDs and rapists,” which caused problems later in life, explaining, “I quite honestly had accidents when I was far too old to do so because my parents had my teachers reporting bathroom use to them too. There was no place I could safely use the restroom other than home without getting into trouble.”
  • “We weren’t allowed to close doors unless we were in the bathroom.”
  • “My mom grounded me from electricity when I got suspended and bought and oil lamp for me to use when doing homework in my room.”
  • “No talking at the dinner table other than the occasional "Do you want some (more) of ___ or please pass the ___. We could not talk about anything at all. No small/idle chat was allowed. First time you did it, you got yelled at. Second time was a whooping and then sent to your room, until the next day, without the rest of your meal.”
  • “No TV. Not as a punishment. Just no TV, ever. Because apparently it lets the devil in. The second I, as the last kid, moved out, they started watching TV all the time.”
  • “If you slammed/locked a door, my stepdad would take your bedroom door off the hinges, removing your ‘bedroom door privileges.’"
  • “I couldn't drink water from my bathroom…Mom got suspicious when I'd leave to my bathroom for a few seconds every few minutes. Idk what she possibly thought I was doing but no more bathroom water and I had to drink lukewarm peasant water like the rest of my family.”

Source: Reddit

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