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What You’ll Learn About Your S.O. On Vacation

Taking a trip for the first time as a couple is a big relationship milestone. And as excited as you are to bring your main squeeze along on your family’s annual beach trip or take him to your friends’ lake house, being together around the clock for days will reveal a lot about them. Here’s what you’ll learn about your man when you travel together:

How well he deals with stress - Travel is stressful, especially when you’re vacationing with family. But it’s how your partner deals with the stress that matters. Do they yell or snap or stay calm and grounded? Travel can bring out the best and worst in someone, so you’ll get to see it all.

If he’s a planner or not - You’ll get to see if your sweetie likes to make a schedule and stick to it or if he’s more spontaneous. How you guys work together as a couple on your trip will give you an idea of how things will go in the future.

How he budgets or doesn’t - You get to see how your S.O. handles his finances when you’re travelling together, for better or worse.

How he handles conflict - Between travel delays, boredom, being tired, and drama with friends and family, there’s bound to be some conflict. So you’ll get a good look at whether your partner can diffuse it or not and how he handles the aftermath.

How he feels about asking for help - This is really hard for a lot of people, but asking for help when you need it is a valuable life skill. So you’ll get to see how comfortable he is asserting himself when he needs directions, or just a little space.

The way he treats others - Travelling will give you a deeper understanding of the way your partner interacts with other people and how he adapts to new settings. You’ll see if he’s tolerant and generous or demanding and entitled, so you’ll know what you can expect in the future.

Source: Verily

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