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Parents Are Concerned Over Kids Summer Screen Time

With summer fast approaching, many kids will be looking for things to do once school’s out, and although when we were kids that meant going to the park or playing outside, far too many kids will wind up spending their hours in front of screens playing online games. Well, it turns out, a lot of parents are doing what they can to try and curb that behavior. 

A new survey finds that 80% of parents place time restrictions on their kids' online game playing, while 84% of parents require their kids get permission before the child spends any money on online games. Parents are also concerned about safety, with 75% of parents saying they always check the safety of a game online before their kid can purchase it.

Overall, 40% of parents are concerned that their kids are spending too much time playing online games, although they do see some benefits in it. In fact, 71% think online games/ apps help their kid relax and unwind, while 66% believe the games help broaden their kids’ imagination and 48% believe it teaches their child autonomy.

  • The survey also finds that 75% of kids use games to meet new friends and 80% use them to connect with known friends, which could be a little scary for parents. For this reason, experts suggest parents remind kids never to share personal info online, and that they should protect their anonymity during games. Parents also need to tak to their kids about proper online etiquette and behavior, and make sure they know to talk to them if they ever feel uncomfortable.

Source: MS News Now

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