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Why Relationship Advice Isn’t Always Helpful

Thanks to social media, everyone’s so used to sharing the details of everything in their lives, for better or worse. And when we turn to our friends for relationship advice, sometimes talking it out really does help, other times, it does the opposite. The only people who should be in charge of your relationship are you and your S.O. This is why it could be better to keep it private.

You’ll feel pressured to define the relationship – If you share all the details of your budding romance with your besties, they’ll be interested in how things are going and how it’s moving along, and that could put pressure on you to define things because your friends are asking – not because you’re ready to do it.

You’ll get a ton of terrible advice – It’s always nice to get some support when you’re dealing with something, but sharing everything about your relationship opens you up for lots of advice. And as helpful as they’re trying to be, sometimes you’re better off just thinking things through on your own.

You’ll be judged – When your friends know all your intimate deets, they might not approve of all your choices. If you think it’s okay to hook up on the first date, it’s your decision, you don’t need your friend’s approval. But the judgment could lead to some tension.

You’ll start overthinking all your problems – Sharing can be good and it can help you get a different perspective on things. But it can also lead you and your friend to overanalyze every little detail that happened and that’s way too much overthinking.

Source: Elite Daily

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