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Swimming - Who Can And Who Needs To Learn

Now that it’s basically summer, a lot of people will want to cool off in the pool, especially kids, but the truth is, a lot of kids really don’t know what they are doing in the water.

On a positive note, a new report by the USA Swimming Foundation finds a five to 10% improvement in overall swimming ability since the last study on the subject in 2010. But the truth is a lot more work needs to be done, especially since it can be dangerous if a kid is around water and doesn’t know how to swim.

The study finds that a great deal of kids are at risk of drowning. In fact, 64% of African-American children, 45% of Hispanic children and 40% of Caucasian children have no / low swimming ability. But not being able to swim doesn’t keep them from the pool. The survey finds that 87% of those with no or low ability will go to some sort of swimming facility at least once this summer, with 34% swimming 10 or more times.

And parents play a huge role in whether or not a kid’s a good swimmer. When a parent is a good swimmer a kid is 4-point-3 times more likely to be a good swimmer as well and children who swim with their families are 2.7 times more likely to be good swimmers.

  • Not surprising, fear can be a big reason kids don’t swim well. Children who worry about drowning are 67% more likely to have low or no swimming ability, while children who feel safe around the water are 3.7 times more likely to be good swimmers. 

Source: The Business Journal

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