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Most Workers Aren’t Taking Advantage Of Vacation

With this weekend marking the unofficial start of summer, lots of people will be heading out on vacations, but it turns there will also be plenty of workers who won’t actually have any getaway to look forward to this season, or even for the rest of the year.

According to a new Glassdoor survey, employees who receive vacation or paid time off have only used about 54% of their eligible days in the past year. What’s more, only 23% of employees say they’ve taken 100% of their eligible time off in the last year, although 91% have taken at least some time off, while 9% have taken no vacation time at all.

And not surprising, when people do take vacation, many don’t actually take a break, with 66% saying they do some work on their getaways, and only 54% of employees saying they're totally checked out while away. Even worse, 37% saying they're expected to keep up with work while on vacation, with 12% saying they need to be reachable, or even participate in conference calls while on their break.

  • Thanks to all this, 23% of employees say they have a difficult time not thinking about work while on vacation, with 14% saying their family wasn’t too happy with them about working on their trip. As for why they work on vacation, 34% say it’s because they fear getting behind in their job, while 30% say it’s because nobody else in the company can do what they do, and 21% say they feel they can never be disconnected.

Source: Glassdoor

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