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Majority Of Folks Suffering Work Burn Out

It’s no secret that work can stress people out, and vacations are supposed to help folks decompress from the daily anxiety of their jobs. But, or course, that can only happen if workers actually take vacation and relax on them, and all too often that’s just not happening.

A new CareerBuilder survey finds that 61% of workers are burned out at their current job, with 31% reporting high or extremely high levels of stress. And while all those people could probably use a vacation, 33% of all workers say they haven’t taken one, and do not plan to take one, this year.

Of course, vacation doesn’t always provide all the relaxation it should. The survey finds that 31% of workers check work email while on vacation, while 18% check in with work. What’s more, 36% say they come back to so much work they wish they never went on vacation in the first place, and 18% say vacations cause them to stress out about work more.

Source: The Business Journal

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