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Adulting Is Causing Stress For Some Millennials

Having to deal with adult issues, or “adulting” as millennials call it, can be stressful and challenging, but it can also bring along good things. A new survey finds that 42% of millennials associate adulting with independence, although they may be the only ones, because 36% of Baby Boomers and 25% of Gen Xers have never even heard the term.

The survey, conducted by Arm & Hammer, finds that 75% of folks moved out of their parents home between the ages of 18 to 22, and many admit there were lots of challenges and stresses that went along with it.

For millennials, paying bills on their own is the main cause of stress (43%), while 23% say they stress about keeping their house clean (remember the source of the study). For new parents the stresses are different, with 34% stressing about financial stability, while 15% are concerned about finding time to sleep/eat/bathe, 14% worry about the health and safety of their family, and 12% worry about balancing baby and work.

  • And since this is a survey conducted by a cleaning supply manufacturer, millennials revealed their biggest motivations behind keeping their house clean. For 40% of them, the main reason they keep a clean home is because they were brought up that way, while 15% were motivated by a family visit and 12% cleaned because they were having a romantic partner over for the first time. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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