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Weight-Loss Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If you’re not dropping pounds even though you’ve been trying for weeks, months, or even years, you could be making one of these common weight-loss mistakes. These are what nutrition and fitness pros say could be keeping us from shedding those unwanted pounds.

Going gluten-free - Cutting out gluten when you don’t have celiac disease isn’t the best weight loss tool, according to registered dietitian Marina Chaparro, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition of Dietetics. In fact, going gluten-free can even put you at risk for nutritional deficiencies, like omega 3’s, B vitamins, and fiber. You’re better off eating whole grains and giving up refined carbs like cereal, white bread and white pasta.

Cutting out alcohol - Even though alcohol is just a bunch of empty calories, banning things from your diet entirely makes you feel deprived. And then when you do indulge and have a glass of wine, you’re more likely to completely fall off the weight loss wagon, registered dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot explains.

Concentrating on cardio - Sure, heart-pumping cardio does speed up the rate at which we get rid of fat, but only while we’re doing the exercise. Instead, Heidi Powell, ACE-certified personal trainer and co-host of “Extreme Weight Loss” says we should focus on weightlifting and resistance training, along with cardio, because building muscle mass helps boost your metabolic rate.

Eating low-fat or low-sugar substitutes - They might save some calories, but low-fat and low-sugar foods tend to lack fiber and protein, so they don’t keep you full for long. You’re better off eating smaller portions of the real thing - like 60% cacao dark chocolate instead of sugar-free chocolates - so your brain feels satisfied and fulfilled.

Swapping meals for drinks - Meal replacement juices can be high in sugar and they don’t have enough protein and fiber to fight off hunger to help you maintain a healthy weight. You’re better off eating real, whole foods instead of swapping them for a drink.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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