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Millennial Parents Biggest Concern Is Money

We’re always hearing about how much debt millennials have and it seems financial issues are causing them a lot of stress.

A new survey finds that 64% of millennials say finances and money are their biggest worries in life, and that number goes up to 92% for millennial parents. Overall, 56% of millennial parents say they wish they could change their financial situation, and that includes having more money, getting a better job or a job that pays more, and getting a new house.

But money isn’t their only worry. Health is also a big concern for millennial parents with 90% saying their child’s health is their biggest concern, while 11% say their health is their biggest worry, with 30% citing it as their second-biggest concern.

And then there's the issue of time, with 75% of those surveyed admitting they worry about not having enough time to do everything they want to in life, with many saying they are too busy to spend time with friends and family or even to have time for themselves. If they had more time they’d use it to be with their family, take vacations, exercise, enjoy hobbies and more.

Source: The Cleaner Home

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