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Guess What? Dating Apps Make People Feel Insecure

Anyone who’s ever looked for love via a dating app knows it can leave you feeling bad about yourself, and now a new study published in the “Journal of Body Image” has confirmed it.

The study reveals that online dating apps can actually wreak havoc on a person's self esteem. It suggests that folks who put their pictures online to be judged by potential mates can be left feeling rejected, and wind up with increased insecurity. They are also less happy with their face and body, they start comparing themselves to others and become concerned about whether they are attractive.

The University of Texas study compared a sample of Tinder users to non-Tinder users, asking both men and women to rate their body satisfaction in certain areas. The results show that those on Tinder were much less satisfied and felt more shame than those not on Tinder, and believe it or not, men suffered the lowest self esteem of all those who participated.

Source: The Daily Mail

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