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Woman Upset Husband Invited To Wedding Without Her

Getting invited to a wedding without a guest is something most single people get used to, but it’s rare when a married couple don’t get invited to an affair together. It would seem odd if someone invited one half of a married couple to a wedding, but that’s exactly what happened to one couple and the wife is none too pleased. 

A woman took to the UK site Mumset to reveal that her husband had gotten invited to a friend’s wedding without her. The woman was offended at the slight, and asked those on the site whether they think she had the right to be, and whether she’s being unreasonable to want her husband to skip the wedding because of it.

Believe it or not, the responses were a mixed bag. Many people supported the wife, adding that she shouldn’t have to ask her husband not to go, he should just skip it out of principle. Some admitted that it’s the bride and groom’s right to invite whomever they want, although they think leaving the guy’s wife off was “rude.” 

But others don’t think there’s anything wrong with the one-sided invite. “It's not really rude to invite one half of a couple, especially if you're not close to one of them,” one person posted, while another added, “I hate all this ‘we're a unit, we're a double act, we come as one’ stuff, I do lots without my DP and we've both attended weddings without each other. It's perfectly fine.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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