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Grandma’s Childcare Tips: Bad Idea?

We turn to our baby’s grandparents for parenting advice and knowledge, but according to a new study, their expertise might not be as helpful as we think. Gram and Gramps’ baby-raising practices could be outdated, which might even put the little one at risk.

When researchers asked 636 grandparents about their childcare techniques, they discovered some of them are no longer considered safe. Here are some that don’t cut it by today’s standards.

  • Almost a quarter of nanas and grandpas didn’t know that babies should be put to sleep on their backs, not their tummies or sides, because those sleeping positions could raise the risk of SIDS.
  • When it comes to cuts and scrapes, 65% didn’t know they should be covered to reduce the chance of infection.
  • Almost half (44%) believed ice baths are a good way to lower a high fever, but they can actually lower body temperature too much, leading to a risk for hypothermia.

But grandparents also know a lot of valuable information about taking care of kids. And they love their grandchildren and only want the best for them, so spending a little time going over specifics of taking care of that little bundle of joy would help them know what’s best. It’s so good for kids to spend time with their grandparents, let’s give them the support they need to be the best caregivers possible.

Source: Working Mother

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