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Americans' Data Usage Bigger Than Ever Before

We all know that folks are addicted to technology these days, but just how much we all use or phones and iPads may come as a bit of a shock.

According to a CTIA’s Annual Wireless Industry Survey, Americans used a record 13.72-trillion megabytes (MBs) of mobile data in 2016, an increase of over 4-trillion MBs from 2015. So what exactly does that mean? Well, that 13.72-trillion MG is equal to about 1.58-million years of streaming HD video.

Of course, with all the devices people have the numbers were bound to go up, with the the report finding that smartphones and wireless-enabled tablets and laptops now represent 309.8-million of the 395.9-million devices used on carrier networks. That number is so huge it means there are more devices than there are Americans, translating to 1.2-wireless devices per American.

  • ONE MORE THING! With all these devices folks are understandably reliant on their wireless carriers and some certainly perform better than others. Well, a new report by Tom’s Guide names Verizon as the best cellphone service provider. The results were based on Tom’s Guide’s undercover customer service testing, LTE network testing in six cities, and evaluation of monthly data plans that each carrier offers. Coming in behind Verizon was T-Mobile, followed by MetroPCS and then Sprint.

Source: Yahoo News 

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