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Moms Experience More Sleep Challenges Than Dads

It’s no secret that once you become a parent, getting enough sleep becomes a pipe dream. It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that a new study finds moms' sleep tends to get affected more than dads. 

According to a National Sleep Trends Report released by the sleep innovation company Eight, women with children experience much greater sleep challenges than men. According to the poll, women may actually get more sleep than men -- with or without children -- but those moms are less likely to say that their sleep is good compared to dads. 

Overall, only 13% of moms rate their sleep as “good,” while 46% of dads rate theirs that way. What’s more, 10% of moms say they “always” have trouble falling a sleep, while 16% say it’s “often” a problem. Meanwhile only 7% and 12% of men, respectively, say the same.

One of the big reasons moms aren’t getting a good night sleep is children who get up in the middle of the night. When kids get up, it impacts the amount of deep sleep a mother gets. While a normal healthy person's deep sleep range is 15 to 25% per night, moms with kids that wake up twice per night spend about 21% of the night in deep sleep as compared to men who spend 24% of the night that way. If the kids wake up every other night, women get 19% as compared to dads who get 23%. 

Source: The Street

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