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Ice Cream Is Key To Some Parenting Techniques

Now that the weather’s getting warmer, a lot of people will be indulging in their favorite summertime treat – ice cream. But it turns out, such creamy goodness is being used for more than just satisfying our sweet tooth.

Baskin Robbins recently conducted a poll to uncover how ice cream plays a role in family time and it seems moms and dads use it in very different ways. For example, moms are more likely to use ice cream as a reward for something good (66% vs. 58%). In addition, two-thirds of parents say they dangle ice cream as an incentive to get their kids to do something they don’t like, although dads are 65% more likely than moms to offer ice cream as an incentive to get kids to do chores.

Other results from the ice cream survey include:

  • 62% of parents say ice cream is their child’s favorite treat, with chocolate coming in second at only 20%
  • 96% of parents say ice cream is great to enjoy with family and friends
  • 54% of parents use ice cream to resolve conflict, although dads are twice as likely to use it than moms (77% vs. 30%)
  • 72% of dads eat ice cream weekly, while only 54% of moms say the same
  • Moms are five times more likely than dads to enjoy eating their ice cream alone

Source: Yahoo Finance

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