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What A Wedding Planner Wouldn’t Do At Her Wedding

When you hire a wedding planner, you trust they’ll steer you away from overbooking the venue by 100 people or just playing the “Hamilton” cast album on repeat all night just because you love it. But if they’re good at her job, she’ll probably keep some opinions to herself so you get the wedding you really want. But according to one busy Chicago wedding planner, this is what she’d never do at her own wedding, based on her pro experience.

  • Have a big bridal party - She says a smaller squad of bridesmaids keeps the drama to a minimum and stress levels down.
  • Go overboard with chevron - This pattern was super trendy for the last few years, but could look dated today.
  • Serve signature drinks with names and signage - When this trend started, everyone was thrilled with a bespoke cocktail named after the couple, but now that everyone’s doing it, it’s less exciting. This wedding planner says, “Your guests don’t really care what the name of the cocktail is, they just wanna drink.” And she’s got a point there.
  • Have it in a barn - This was a fun trend…but it’s run its course, too.
  • Host a receiving line - “Not only does it bottleneck the flow of your guests, but it’s unnecessarily awkward and old-school,” the wedding planner explains. “You are not the Queen.” Just talk to guests during cocktail hour or stop by their tables throughout the night.
  • Force guests to do line dances - Save the Chicken Dance and Electric Slide for your next block party and your guests will thank you.
  • Have a cash bar - This woman watches parties unfold for a living and she says guests feel “bummed out when they have to pay for their drinks.”
  • Let bartenders leave out tip jars - Like the cash bar, this makes guests feel uncomfortable and confused.
  • Allow more than a couple of short reception speeches - Have speakers keep it short and sweet and let that band or DJ you’re paying for entertain your guests. It’s way more fun than listening to the Best Man’s inside jokes no one else gets.

Source: PureWow

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