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What Would You Give Up To Not Have To Shave?

Summer’s coming, ladies. And when the weather heats up and we get to wear our sundresses, tank tops, and swimsuits, we can’t get away with not shaving like we can during the winter. But as much as we love our summer wardrobe, we dread the high-maintenance activity that is hair removal. And apparently, we’d be willing to trade a lot to not have to deal with it.

When the Nair hair remover company asked 1,000 millennial women what they’d give up to not have to worry about body hair for a year, almost half (48%) said coffee, 44% said Netflix, and 38% admitted they’d trade a month of social media, but the biggest surprise is that 39% would go without sex for a month! (Stupid..wait…it IS a hairless year we’re talking about)

The survey shows that the area we hate removing hair from most is the bikini line (72%) and we agree, it’s the worst. Underarms were next (58%), followed by legs (52%). And when Nair asked why women dislike shaving, the top answers were that it’s time consuming (56%), it irritates the skin (44%), and the number one answer is that it grows back too quickly (72%) - and don’t we know it!

But until we can save up for laser hair removal or go all granola and buck the hair removal altogether, we’re stuck with it. At least until it’s winter again.

Source: Yahoo finance

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