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Does The Internet Really Want Your Opinion?

Thanks to the Internet, folks love to have their opinions be heard, and that’s certainly the case when it comes voicing their disappointment in something that they’ve shelled out good money for. According to a new survey, one of the biggest reasons folks post negative reviews online is due to a customer service issue (52%), followed by an issue with a product (31%) and a policy issue, like hidden fee charges (17%).

So, why do people feel the need to share their experiences with everyone? Well, 73% say they do it so other customers won’t have they same experience as they did, while almost 49% say they want to see the companies be more honest about fees and policies, and 48.3% do it because they want a refund. And people do want feedback as well, with 38.9% wanting an apology from the company and 28.5% wanting either a credit or a gift card. Interestingly, women are more likely to voice their complaints on Amazon, Facebook or Yelp, while men will take to Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

But it’s not like reviewers will immediately give up on a company, with 90% saying they’d give a company two chances before they write them off, with only 10% saying good riddance after one bad experience.

  • As for the industries that see the most complaints, Cable companies get it the worst, with 72% of women and 70% of men listing the cable industry as the worst for customer service, with cellphone providers and airlines ranking two and three, respectively.

Source: Corra 

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