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Bedroom Decor Could Be Messing With Your Sleep

When you can’t sleep but you’re already avoiding caffeine later in the day and turning off electronics an hour before bedtime, your bedroom could be to blame. The way your room is decorated and set up could be keeping you up, so here are some tips for creating an environment that promotes peaceful sleep and is still functional.

You can’t keep your bedroom free of clutter - Dr. Emerson Wickwire, director of the insomnia program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine says, “Physical clutter causes mental clutter, which activates the brain and negatively impacts sleep. So clean up your messy bedroom!

Your wall color is too bright, or your wallpaper is extremely busy - Wickwire says you should avoid using bright colors, like hot pink, in the bedroom because bright colors and bold patterns can excite the mind instead of promote rest. Go for earth tones and calming shades instead.

There’s light coming from your phone or through your windows - Light from devices can disrupt your sleep because it keeps your body from producing melatonin - a hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycles.

You need to replace your mattress - If you wake up feeling tired or achy after a full night’s rest, it could be time to replace your mattress. Sure, they’re expensive, but a good quality one will help you get more restful sleep, so it’s worth it!

Your window treatments and carpets aren’t doing a good job of reducing sounds and light - If the sun or streetlights wake you up or keep you from falling asleep, try blackout curtains or thin-slat wooden blinds. They can help block noise from outside too.

Your linens aren’t comfortable - Get some sheets in the fabric that feels best to your skin - switching to cotton, satin, or flannel could make you more comfortable so you can catch more ZZZs.

Source: Huffington Post

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