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Working On The Weekend Is The Norm For Most People

Loverboy used to sing about “Working For The Weekend,” but it turns out these days most people are actually working on the weekend.

According to a new survey conducted by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, almost 70% of people say they work at least one weekend a month, and we’re not just talking an hour here or there. Most people say that when the do work on the weekend they usually put in about nine hours, which is basically a full day.

And while weekends are supposed to be a person’s time away from the office, it seems bosses don’t see it that way. In fact, 63% of people say their employers expect them to work over the weekend. Not that folks can help it anyway, since 61% of folks say they have a hard time not thinking about their jobs on the weekend. For this reason, about 67% of people say they are connected to the office over a weekend, with most people reading or answering work-related emails.

  • With so much work on people’s minds its no surprise that most people aren’t satisfied with their weekend. Overall, 85% of folks say they want to get more out of their weekend while 83% say the weekend is “never long enough.” Amen to that!

Source: Yahoo Finance

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