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Tinder Profile Tips From An Actual Pro

Meredith Golden actually helps perfect people’s Tinder profiles for a living, so she knows a few things that could help you. Yes, YOU – and here are the reasons you’re not doing as well as you think you should – and how you can fix it:

  • Don't make your profile about what you want from other people - Try to make your profile about your interests instead of describing your ideal match, that way people who aren’t a perfect fit won’t rule themselves out.
  • Avoid negativity - Don’t list a bunch of pet peeves or the kind of people who need not apply on your profile. Instead, Golden suggests talking about what you like. Crazy concept, right?
  • Stop swiping on the weekend - “An attractive single is one who presents themselves as having a happy and full life,” Golden explains. Sitting around on a Saturday afternoon online-dating sends the message that you don’t have much happening."
  • Ask questions in your introductory messages instead of just making them about you - Golden advises asking a question related to something mentioned in their profile.
  • Save the moody pics for Instagram - Our profile pro believes that someone’s decision to swipe right is not as much about your physical features as it is the feeling you and your pics give off. So choose a profile photo that’s “sunny, happy, and gives off positive vibes.”
  • Don't jump into the heavy stuff until you've met IRL - Save the backstory on your ex or your family drama until you’ve gone on an actual date. Start with light and breezy stuff, then you can move deeper when you go out.
  • Don't be embarrassed to ask for your friends' advice - A recent study found that other people are better at picking photos of us that appeal to others than we are. So even if you’re not hiring a professional to ghostwrite your profile, you’ll benefit from your friends helping with yours.

Source: Glamour

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