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Political Talk At Work Decreases Productivity

There's no doubt today's poltical climate is pretty divisive and that's not helping things at the office. According to a survey by the Washington D.C. based research firm Clutch, 31% of U.S. employees believe that political conversations at work lead to an overall decrease in company productivity.

It’s clear that many people find it increasingly difficult to ignore political conversations at work and find the discussions to be distracting.

Other findings from the survey:

  • 12% of employees say that in the past week they have felt "uncomfortable" by political discussions at work.
  • 45% of employees work at an organization that has a policy or guidelines regarding political expression in the workplace.
  • Employees are not in agreement about such policies, however; barely one-third of employees surveyed say their organization should have a policy in place regarding political expression.
  • But, among employees who have felt uncomfortable due to political conversations, 58% say their company should definitely develop a policy addressing the issue.

Source: The Street

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