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Americans Reveal Their Pretzel Preference

You may not have known this but today is National Pretzel Day, and it seems Americans have some very distinct opinions when it comes to how they chow down on the twisty salty snack.

According to a new survey, 65% of Americans will go in for the curves of a soft pretzel first and then save the knot in the middle for last. And of course then there are the accompaniments, with 69% of folks preferring to dip their pretzels, while 31% prefer their pretzels to be topped.

As for what toppings, or dippings, they enjoy, cheese, is by far the most popular, with 28% of folks saying it’s their go-to topping, followed by mustard or chocolate (17%). And of course, there are some people who like their pretzel plain (13%), while 2% are more original, preferring to pair their pretzel with things like cinnamon, icing, peanut butter or marinara. Suddenly I feel the need to head to the ballpark...

Source: Yahoo Finance 

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