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Most Americans Experience Food Envy

With so many delicious things to choose from on restaurant menus, picking the right thing to eat is a tough decision, and it seems a lot of people wind up unhappy with their selections. A new OpenTable survey finds that a lot of people get “food envy” when dining out, and it could become a problem. According to the poll, 91% find themselves pining for a different dish in a restaurant.

And apparently it doesn’t take long for that food envy to hit, with 32% of people saying it happens the moment when their food arrives. Overall, 40% of people instantly feel disappointment over their meal choice, while 37% experience regret, and 33% feel hunger.

As for how folks handle food envy, it depends. While 39% say they deal with it by coming back to the restaurant and ordering the dish they’re eyeing another time, 31% will actually try to convince their companions to share their meal, or they may even steal from other’s dishes. For this reason, 30% of those experiencing food envy say it has caused tension with their dining partners.

  • So why do so many people experience food envy? Well, 41% say their indecision caused them to regret their dish, while 33% blame their desire to experiment. Food envy is such an issue that 84% of people say they take steps to try and avoid it by checking out a restaurant menu beforehand (46%), checking out what others have ordered (34%) and asking for staff recommendations (32%).

Source: OpenTable

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