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Why Some Moms Hate Easter

We’re happy spring is here and the flowers are blooming, but Easter? Not such a big fan. A lot of moms have had it with how out of control Easter has gotten. As much as we love seeing the happy faces of our darling children light up with baskets filled with candy and treats, here’s why moms don’t love Easter.

Dyeing Easter eggs isn’t all it’s cracked up to be - The idea of decorating eggs is lovely and they do look so pretty nestled in a basket, but the reality of coloring eggs with little kids is a nightmare. You have to boil dozens of eggs so each kid has enough and that egg dye stains everything before the kids lose interest 15 minutes in.

No one can actually eat that many hardboiled eggs - Since you made 48 eggs to keep the kids happy, you’d better plan on lots of colorful egg salad all week.

Easter basket grass was invented by an idiot - That plastic grass is like glitter because once it’s in your home, you’ll keep finding it all over it for the rest of the year.

Kids in fancy clothes get dirty fast - We love to dress them up in adorable coordinating outfits with white patent leather shoes and Easter bonnets, but after 10 minutes, they look like they “rolled all over the bunny trail.”

Black jelly beans are the worst - Does anyone even like these?

The giant rodent myth is just silly - And why aren’t kids terrified by the thought of a giant bunny sneaking around their house?

Easter baskets have become mini-Christmas mornings - When we were kids, our Easter baskets were filled with some jelly beans, a chocolate bunny, and maybe a few peanut butter eggs. But today, thanks to social media, we see kids getting wrapped gifts, tickets to concerts, and more sweets than a candy shop. And don’t even get us started on the moms who create special scavenger hunts for Easter morning.

Peanut butter eggs are only available for a few weeks - Come on, Reese’s. We need these peanut butter eggs year round, not just for a month in spring. Give us our fix, please.

Source: ScaryMommy

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