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Most Popular Social Media Platforms For Students

If you feel like your teen is constantly on social media you’re probably not imagining things, but there’s no doubt certain sites are more popular than others. A new report reveals that while Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are all popular with college and high school students, when it comes to how often they are used, Snapchat and Instagram are their go-to sites.

The survey finds that 95% of students use all three major social media networks, but while 88% say they use Instagram and Snapchat often, only 81% say the same about Facebook. And forget about Twitter. Only 66.6% say they use it, and less than 50% use it often.

When it comes to daily use 78% are using Snapchat, as compared to 76% that use Instagram and 66% that use Facebook. What’s more, 71% of users say they go on Snapchat more than six times a day, while 51% go on more than 11 times a day.

As for why Snapchat is the most popular, 89.5% of students say they use it to keep in touch with friends, while 56.8% use it to share and create videos, images and stories. And 49.2% say they use it to maintain a Snapchat streak. And that’s not all, 90% of Snapchat users enjoy the site’s GeoFilters, while 85% like the Snapchat Lenses.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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