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More Stuff You Need To Spring Clean

Now that you’ve put away your winter wardrobe and reorganized the pantry, it’s time for more spring cleaning. These things could all use a little TLC, but don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

Your diet - Warm weather makes us want to switch up our cozy soup lunches for something lighter and refreshing. And wearing fewer layers of clothes reminds us that bathing suit season is coming and giving up our mid-afternoon mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream can help us get ready to wear ours.

Your makeup bag - That cute makeup bag you once adored is now filled with three of the same mascara, broken eyeshadow crumbles, and the remnants of a spilled foundation. And it weighs a ton! So clean out those empty containers and get rid of the products that are past their prime. Here’s a helpful guide to expiration dates so you know what needs to go.

Your computer and phone - It’s time to stop clicking “remind me later” on all those updates and tidy up your technology. Update, organize, and delete your way to a faster running device and your life will be a tiny bit easier.

Your finances - We mean making small changes - like making coffee at home, not ordering Seamless, and getting rewards at the stores where you’re already shopping - to help you save big.

Source: PureWow

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