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Pet Parents Love To Celebrate Their Animal Family

Yesterday was National Pet Day, and we’re pretty sure a lot of folks used it as an excuse to celebrate the loveable animal in their life. In fact, a new survey find that pet parents really don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate their furry friends.

A poll of 1,000 pet owners finds that 53% are more likely to spend money on their pets than themselves. And it seems a lot of those pets get to go on those shopping sprees with their owners, with 40% of pet owners admitting they take their pets shopping with them, and 43% preferring businesses that allow them to bring their pets.

As for reasons to celebrate their pet, almost half of pet parents admit they celebrate their pet’s birthday or adoption day with a party or gifts. They also spoil their pets on holidays, with 25% of them saying they buy more holiday gifts for their pet than they do for family and friends.

  • And let’s face it, pet owners do all this because their pets are part of the family, and are treated as such. The survey finds that 70% of pet parents talk to their pets when they are alone, while half of them also share secrets with their pet. And forget about leaving them alone. Believe it or not, 40% of pet parents will check in with a pet sitter at least once a day, while 22% will call home just so their pet can hear their voice.

Source: Yahoo News

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